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Since our volunteer pilots donate their time and pay all flight expenses, Angel Airlift Mid-Atlantic must limit its services to assist children and adults who cannot afford other means of long-distance transportation. Our mission is to help ordinary people dealing with extraordinary circumstances, so there must be a legitimate medical or compassionate reason Angel Airlift’s service is being requested and is necessary.

Qualify for Free Medical Air Transportation – Angel Airlift Mid-Atlantic

To qualify for an Angel Airlift passengers must:

  1. Have financial need for assistance
  2. Be medically cleared to fly in a non-pressurized small aircraft
  3. Be ambulatory and sit upright in a standard aircraft seat
  4. Not require medical care en route.
  5. Not have a communicable disease
  6. If supplemental patient oxygen is required, it must be provided by the patient and be in a Dept. of Transportation pressure test approved bottle.
  7. Provide own ground transportation to and from airport as well as be responsible for lodging arrangements.

Be it a child requiring access to medical treatment in another area of the country or an adult requiring travel due to a family crisis, Angel Airlift Mid-Atlantic attempts to match each special need with a volunteer pilot who can help.

Angel Airlift Mid-Atlantic recipients must answer several health questions in order to assess their fitness for flight in an unpressurized aircraft. If the answers to any of these questions suggest a problem may exist, written permission for the flight must be obtained from the passenger’s physician. No one will be transported if they have a readily communicable disease. All passengers must be ambulatory which means getting in and out of the airplane on their own and sitting upright during the flight lasting from one to three hours depending on the passenger’s destination. Angel Airlift passengers must be considered outpatients. If the person requires supplemental oxygen, he or she must provide the oxygen, and it must be in a DOT approved container. Passengers are responsible for their own medications. If passengers require any medical assistance during the flight, they must bring someone who can assist them. Angel Airlift pilots are not trained in medical emergencies, and will not be able to provide any medical assistance. Once approved, a volunteer flight coordinator arranges each flight with the passenger and a volunteer pilot based on type of aircraft needed and geographic location of the flight.

The aircraft flown by our volunteers are able to carry 4 to 6 passengers (includes pilot and copilot) and very little baggage. Although the cabin is comfortable, weight and space are issues. For this reason, passengers must also provide information about their weight and weight of carry-on items. In helping people, we also make safety our highest priority. It is important to have alternative travel options if possible in the event a flight is delayed or cancelled due to technical or weather challenges.

Medical Air Transport Departing from Mid-Atlantic – Request Assistance

  • Ambulatory outpatients departing from District of Columbia, Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia: Contact Us or call 800-296-3797
  • Ambulatory outpatients departing from North Carolina and Tennessee: Airlift Hope or call 800-325-8908
  • Ambulatory outpatient departing any other state or traveling more than a few hundred miles: Visit for information assistance.
  • Patient travel requires air ambulance and medical monitoring en route: Air Compassion America® or call 866-270-9198

Medical Air Transportation – Patient Transport Security Protocol

It continues to be the intent of Angel Airlift Mid-Atlantic to maintain the safety and security of passengers and pilots.

With FAA’s focused attention on General Aviation security measures, the following procedures contained in this protocol are designed specifically to protect the pilots, passengers and ground personnel involved directly or indirectly with all Angel Airlift Mid-Atlantic flights and are in accordance with the National Policy on Homeland Defense. As you know, much of our contact with the patients is via phone. You are our eyes and ears and we rely on you to use your best judgment in regard to these matters.

  1. Each pilot of an Angel Airlift flight may check the passenger ID to assure the ID matches the passenger flying as identified on the flight setup.
  2. All authorized adult passengers, upon request, shall present the Angel Airlift pilot with his/her Government issued photo identification* (ID) PRIOR to boarding the aircraft.
  3. The parent or guardian of all minor passengers (under the age of 18), upon request, shall present the Angel Airlift pilot with his/her (parent or guardian) Government issued photo ID PRIOR to signing the Liability Release Form. (This applies only to parents or guardians NOT accompanying the minor).
  4. Pilots, if the parent or guardian signing the Liability Release Form is not accompanying the minor, the responsible adult accompanying the minor will appear on the setup. All passenger names must appear in the Passenger Section of the Flight Set up form.
  5. Baggage is subject to search by the pilot at the pilot’s discretion.
* Federal Government ID card, State Driver’s License, US Passport or any other Federal or State issued photo ID.

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